Silverskin onion - maggiolina

Silverskin onion, or Maggiolina is a round-shaped and white-colored product.

Silverskin onion - maggiolina

Peeled, preserved in brine and in great demand both in Italy and abroad,
the silverskin onion is usually employed to produce preserves. 

Silverskin onion - maggiolina



Orti dei Berici takes care of the whole production cycle, from the seed, to the harvest, to the peeling, up to the brining in food-safe drums ready for shipment.

We guarantee the food safety highest standard (Global G.A.P), as well as punctuality and safe delivery.

Our maggioline cipollini onions, as all the Orti dei Berici products, are grown in Italy and exclusively non-GMO.

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Treatment process

The treatment of maggioline cipollini onions from the moment they are harvested, which is from June to September, is very fast. Within 12 hours they are harvested, dry-cleaned, any stones get cleared from them, and they are divided according to their size.

Treatment process


The cipollini are cleaned, their stems and roots are removed and finally they are peeled.Then, they are measured using an automatic and manual selection system.

The available measures are in mm:
10/14 - 14/16 - 16/18 - 18/21 - 21/23 - 23/25 - 25/28 - 28/32 - 32+

Download the technical file for further information



The product is delivered:

  • submerged in brine inside 140/160 kg hygienic drums (net weight)
  • fresh, dry inside bins

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