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Orti dei Berici’s parsley is an Italian product grown in our soils in the countryside of Vicenza, near our manufacturing plant.

From sowing to the treatment process, the whole production cycle respects the highest quality standards (Global G.A.P.) which keep the consumers of all our products safe.

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Treatment process

Treatment process

The harvest of parsley takes place in Autumn and Spring and needs to be done very quickly in order to preserve the greatest fragrance and freshness of the product. The parsley is minced in order to produce a kind of purée (adding oil and salt) which is used in canning industries to produce sauces, spreads, marinades, etc. Our parsley is available in both a cold-processed version and a hot processed-version, according to the client’s needs and uses.

  • HOT: processed versions guarantee a low bacteria load, a low salt content and a high percentage of parsley.
  • COLD: processed versions preserve the freshest aromatic notes of parsley better and longer.


The products are packaged in aseptic bags with a capacity of 20/200/1000 kg.


The product is available all year round. It must be preserved inside refrigerating rooms at the temperature of 0/+4°C and it has a shelf life of 4 months from delivery.

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