Borettana onion

Borrettana onion is a typical Italian product; it is flat and has a distinctive taste.

Borettana onion
Fresh, peeled, suitable for gastronomic preparations and for consumption in large-scale retail,
the borettana onion from Orti dei Berici is 100% tasty and safe.
Borettana onion



Orti dei Berici takes care of the whole production cycle, starting from the seed up to packaging. The whole process compiles with the highest food safety standards and is able to guarantee punctuality and safe delivery.

Our onions are exclusively non-GMO products grown in Italy in the countryside of Verona, where there are the best soils that assure the best uniformity of shape and pearl-white color.

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Once they are harvested, onions are first cleaned and their stems and residual soil are removed; then they are carried to the processing center.

Here they are stored in large warehouses with artificial ventilation, which is able to preserve the products in an excellent state.
On the other hand, the long-term preservation takes place in cooled warehouses at the temperature of +1/2°C.



  • Product peeling for Retail
    Onions are cleaned, their stems are removed and finally air-peeled for a better quality. The products are entirely hand-selected.
  • Product peeling for Industry
    Onions get cleaned and then water-peeled; first, the products are selected by an optical selector, then they get hand-selected.

Onions are available in these sizes (mm): 22/25 - 25/32 - 32/38 - 38/45 - 45+



Industry Packaging
The products are delivered fresh:

  • in food-safe plastic drums, submerged in preserving liquid (acidulated water)
  • dry in bins

Packaging retail
The peeled products are packaged in 1-kg-raschel bags or in PP or in 350/500g polyethene board trays for food preparations.

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