Production and quality

Every day we strive to provide the best possible product: tasty and 100% safe. This attention to quality is combined with a careful selection of seeds and bulbs and the most suitable soil for their cultivation.

Quality as a company philosophy

When “agriculture” is mentioned, it is impossible not to speak about health and food safety. It is necessary to be free of any doubt about this issue. In our corporate philosophy we have chosen total quality precisely because we think this is the only possible way in a very demanding and delicate sector as ours.

We repeatedly verify that our products are in possession of all the expected requirements, through recurrent automatic and manual controls. In this way, we are able to fully meet our clients’ requests, also easing any possible treatments that take place later.

The results and certificates we have obtained reward our efforts and push us to improve every day in order to provide the best product possible, tasty and 100% safe, to the clients tables.