Orti dei Berici has its roots in the farmers’ memory of the countryside around Vicenza, a land that has always been a place for rural activities.

Company – tradition and future

The cooperative company was born in 2010 with the aim of combining the best local productive realities in a more solid collaboration, able to provide the clients’ requirements with products and attentions which guarantee the highest international quality standards.

Famiglia Orti dei Berici

The success of our products is based on the strong bond with local tradition together with a modern vision inspired to advanced production and organization models. Our deliveries, always punctual and precise together with our constant reliability, make us an ideal partner for every company that aims at excellence.

It is no coincidence that we are the leading Italian producer of Borettane onions, partner of all the main industries in the canning sector not only in Italy.

Orti dei Berici and Naturello

Orti dei Berici is also the main supplier of Naturello, a leading brand in the production of semi-finished vegetable products for the food industry, retail or Food Service. Specialized in the processing of basil for recipes of Pesto alla Genovese, Red pesto and other fresh and frozen sauces, Naturello also produces products for specific nutritional or functional needs.

Orti dei Berici e Naturello

Our history


Birth of the Company Agr. Buratti Fratelli In 1979 the Company of Buratti Fratelli was founded, a reality strongly linked to the local tradition that is dedicated to the agricultural cultivation of onions, tobacco, cereals and the breeding of chickens and bulls.


Future headquarters of Orti dei Berici The foundations are laid for the future headquarters in Orti dei Berici through the acquisition of new land.


Construction of the first shed The first shed of 1500 m² is built for the storage, drying and cleaning of borettane onions.


Enlargement of the shed After two years from the construction of the first shed, it was decided to proceed with the enlargement, doubling the building from its original size.


Further growth of the company With the arrival of the 2000s, the desire to grow and establish itself in the agricultural cultivation market increases. The third portion of the shed dedicated to the peeling of borettane and silverskin onions was built for a total of 4,500 m².


Construction of a new building The company continues to expand and prepares the construction of a new 3000 m² building for the storage, drying and cooling of the borettane onions.


Additional building for borettane onions The cultivation of the borettane onions is becoming the strong point of the company and for this reason, an additional 2700 m² shed for the storage of borettane onions is being built.


Birth of the Soc. Coop. Agr. Orti dei Berici With the birth of Coop. Agr. Orti dei Berici, increases the range of products sold: mushrooms, tomatoes, basil, etc...


Acquisition from the company Agr. Buratti Orti dei Berici consolidates itself more and more as the main producer of Borettane onions and decides to acquire the branch dedicated to the phase of peeling and marketing of Borettane and Silverkin onions from Azienda Agricola Buratti.


Purchase of PLOGER machine An important purchase is made: the new collecting machine: PLOGER (unique in Italy).


Purchase of TOMRA Optical sorting machine In order to continue to improve the safety and quality of the onions, the TOMRA Optical sorting machine is purchased.