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Controls and analysis

Our aim is complete satisfaction of the clients. The punctual and precise delivery of a product that meets their expectations is our main goal. At first sight this is a simple concept, but it needs continuous attention to every detail in order to happen. For these reasons, the controls and quality of the products are an integral part of the production cycle.

Quality controls

Every day sample controls take place, in order to verify that the products are in possession of all the requirements that are necessary to satisfy our standards.

controllo qualità

Multi-residue analysis

Each harvest is examined in order to check its safety for the consumers. Sample analysis are performed on each allotment of about 20 hectares in order to check for any residue pesticides and agrochemicals. Threfore, each allotment is made traceable.

Analisi multiresiduali

Microbiological analysis

An additional check is performed to verify the food safety of our semi-processed products (preparations for pesto sauce, onion sauce etc.) or of the products delivered in brine.

All the analysis is performed by Chelab. This is an ACCREDIA accredited laboratory, an organization which is officially approved by the major international bodies, working in compliance with the rule UNI CEI EN ISO/IEC 17025:2005.

analisi microbiologiche