Made In Italy


Onions represent the excellence of our product range. Borrettane onions, maggioline cipollini and red onions are all non-GMO products, grown in Italy. Find out the details and download the technical file.



White French garlic, a non-GMO product grown in Italy, with the highest quality standard, is available in various productions. Discover the details and download the technical file.



Orti dei Berici’s basil is an Italian product grown in our soils in the countryside of Vicenza, near our manufacturing plant.


Orti dei Berici

We are an Italian farm business specializing in the growth and process of onions, garlic and aromatic herbs, organized so that it is at the service of canning industries, wholesale and retail.


The selection of the seeds and of the best bulbs, as well as the choice of the most suitable soils for their growing, represent very important strategic phases. Find out where our productive plants are and how we select our plants.



A quality product originates from a process in which each phase is controlled. We own the Global GAP certificate, which is an international reference for food safety. But that’s not all: quality assurance is an integral part of our corporate philosophy.


Social responsibility and environmental protection

We are daily committed in saving as much energy as possible. Our care and respect for the environment represent a strategic goal to us, and the results we have achieved so far, make us proud.


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The success of our products is based on the strong bond with local tradition together with a modern vision inspired to advanced production and organization models. Our deliveries, always punctual and precise together with our constant reliability, make us an ideal partner for every company that aims at excellence.